Ntabamhlophe ACS – Meals on Wheels Community Services

Ntabamhlophe makes a difference in their community.

The Ntabamhlophe Adventist Community Services is an Affiliate of Meals On Wheels Community Services KNFSA  has a mission to promote health and dignity for all by providing holistic, fully integrated community centred services  for HIV infected and affected people throughout the entire  by delivering free, hot and healthy meals to the community of Imbabazane Municipality. Located in the Uthukela District, Imbabazane has 110 594 people and encompasses 852.59 m2.

Our Service beneficiaries include 500 orphaned and otherwise vulnerable children aged      0 – 18, persons living with HIV/AIDS and those suffering from food scarcity. Our various programs include a soup kitchen, an orphans and vulnerable children feeding scheme, a home based care project and five halfway houses, serving 150 children and elderly each spread throughout the Imbabazane Municipality to better serve the greater community. NACS-MOWCS directly serves approximately 800 people Daily that work out to +- 16 000 Meals a month as well as countless community members that receive indirect programming benefits.

The extreme poverty felt in the rural area of our municipality is amplified by the infection rate. Of the 17 445 households in our service area, approximately 12 460 live below the poverty line. The unemployment rate within the Imbabazane Municipality is an alarming 89%, giving our community little opportunity to financially better themselves. With such a high unemployment rate combined with the scourge of HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis has placed the children of our community in a hard world to grow up in. NACS-MOWCS’ objective is to actively improve these children’s lives.

Project achieved:

•             In 2011 we planted 30 hectares of yellow maize in partnership with the department of agriculture .(this is for Income Generation )

•             We have a garden in which we planted Vegetables.  This project is for helping our support groups in the initiative of food security and income generation for self-sustainability.

•             We also have bakery equipment that was sponsored by the American Government.  This will help us to develop another income generation project for our organisation that will help the organisation be more self-sustainable.

By implementing these developmental programmes it  does not shift our focus of poverty alleviation but they are proving us that we really are, “ Investors in Social Change .”