Lighthouse ACS to shine rays of HOPE in Mooi River

A place of safety is to become a place of healing and growth. The Lighthouse Community Centre (previously known as Esiphephelweni Shelter) is the brainchild of people who want to make a difference in the Bruntville township and for the people of Mpofana in Mooi River. “It is a pilot project which we hope will be rolled out throughout South Africa,” says chairperson of the Lighthouse Community Centre, Arlene Arnold.

“With the help of the Social Workers from the Department of Social Development  in Mpofana, we  relocated all the children previously in resident in Esiphephelweni after it was declared dysfunctional,” says Arlene. “We have been able through a partnership with Meals on Wheels Community Services to make use this building to aid the local community”

“We want to use the building to bring together the many organisations which can help with the numerous problems the people of Mpofana meet on a daily basis,” says Arlene.  “For example in Bruntville with an HIV prevalence of 80%, there has been a population decline of 14, 4% compared to the 2001 Census data. Many working age parents have died of Aids and a large number of children is being raised by grandparents. For example, there is Sosiba Hleziphi with seven dependent grandchildren. Thank heavens for Meals on Wheels and the nutritious food parcels.”

Arlene and her team have a generous donation to renovate the building into a fully fledged service centre. Some of the projects planned for this building include:

  • Victim advice centre CCJ (Centre for Criminal Justice) ·         Producing 40000 meals a month for our people.·         A day care centre for disabled Children·         A place where disabled people can meet and produce crafts for sale.

    ·         A place where women will be taught how to sew and therefore help support their families.

    ·         A centre for adult education (ABET)

    ·         A place where Orphans can be advised on their rights plus receive a daily meal.

    ·         We will be starting HIV & Diabetes testing together with counselling plus facillitating a meeting place for  A. A. groups.

    ·         We will begin training in social work stage 1 (recognising HIV, Rape, Abuse, reporting etc)

    ·         Empowering our people in skills to enable them to set up small businesses.

    ·         Setting up a Youth Advisory Service.