We run orphanages in Kwa-zulu and FS aimed primary at HIV and AIDS orphans, with statistics claiming there will be 2 million orphans by 2010. We want soften the impact of Hiv Aids on our children. By taking care of children and preparing for Adult hood, we hopefully are creating a better South Africa.

Service Centers

Many people feel that responsibility of Elderly people, are not theirs. And often we find that these are the most neglected in our communities. Its sad that these people who have contributed to so much to society, have brought their children up to be Doctors and Lawyers, are just neglected.

Service Centers are designed to create a social environment which assists the elderly, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Services at these centers Include but not limited to, health care, nutritious meals, hair dressing, outings and other social activities. For most people who use these services, the difference in their lives can actually be measured.

Retirement Homes

We maintain These facilties as a home for retired individuals, offering retirement facilties at an affordable prices. These facilities can be occupied either by life rights or for rent. We aim to keep our prices lower than the average market price making it more affordable in this day of high inflation.

Creche’s & Pre Schools

Many parents cannot afford to send their children to a creche or pre-school. We alleviate that problem by creating cost effective pre schools and crèches.. We offer a high standard of education at all our schools, with qualified teachers and staff. Our schools operate in deep rural areas to big city centers. Most of the schools are independently run and operated by our service providers.

Youth Development

Annerly youth Camp has 280 beds, and a hugh hall, seating 400 and is situated on the beautiful south coast od KZN. Its is made available to all communities at affordable rates. The youth camp hosts welfare camps, workshops, conferences and other community gatherings.

Meals On Wheels

Many elderly people are home bound, and are unable to fend for themselves, This service brings nutritious meals to their homes at a very low price point. Meals are prepared and delivered daily, ensuring that only fresh food is served to those that need it. We have many locations in the KZN FS area where one can be a recipient of this service.

Day Clinics

Volunteer doctors and health workers host these day clinics in different areas in and around Durban, focusing mainly on Previously Disadvantaged Communities. A dentist, GP, Optician, Gynecologist, and chiropractor, are on hand to assist whoever comes to these clinics. Free medication is also dispensed.

Frail Care

This is 24h hospital with special facilities designed for taking care of frail Elderly people who are unable to take care of them selves. These facilities are government funded, thus making it possible for social pensioners to be taken care of.

Disaster Relief – we serve as implementation to ADRA South Africa, and act as a service provider for them in KZN and OFS. Disasters whether man made or natural. We assist people affected by this. For example handing out Food packs, Blankets Tents, building materials and medical assistance.


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